Washoku Matsuri 2019

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Welcome to the Japanese Restaurant Association of Canada! We are a group of Japanese restaurants and retailers promoting awareness of the healthy benefits of Japanese food, deepen understanding of authentic Japanese food and culture in Canada, and share resources and information about new government regulations and food trends.


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Washoku Matsuri 2019
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Washoku Matsuri 2018
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Washoku Matsuri
10th Edition


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We are proud in bringing Canada's TOP Japanese restaurants and retailers together to share ideas, collaborate on events, educate the public, and maintain the integrity within Japanese cuisine. 



Whether you're a restaurant owner, retail or wholesale business, or even an individual, we are committed to integrating you deeper into the Japanese Restaurant culture in Canada.  We offer various membership packages to best suit your needs, while creating a simple and easy way to join. 

We want our members to feel comfortable to call upon us to voice any concerns, questions, and above all, to support each other. Join us today!