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10th Anniversay Sake Glasses

In celebrating our 10th Anniversary, each guest will receive a Tokubetsu (special) commemorative glass sake cup. Take a look here.

Complimentary sake glass for our guests


Washoku Matsuri Video

Short video from last festival that took place in November 2013. Click here (to access >> jrac2013)

Video produced by the team at

Finishing touches to beautiful array of sashimi

Chef prepping salmon slices immediately before being served



Beverage Sponsors – Kampai!

Ticket price for Washoku Matsuri 2015 includes beverages provided by our wonderful beverage sponsors!

Image result for sake tokkuri

90% of all Washoku Matsuri 2015 tickets SOLD

The tickets are almost SOLD-OUT! Please call the location closest to you ahead to verify if there are tickets remaining. Tickets need to be purchased in-person.

North ・・・・・・・・・Izakaya JU / Famu
North East ・・・・・・ Taro’s Fish
East ・・・・・・・・・・Zen Japanese Restaurant
West ・・・・・・・・・・Ginko Japanese Restaurant
Oakville ・・・・・・・・Mye Japanese Restaurant

Blue fin maguro

Fresh Blue Fin Tuna will be a featured ingredient for the evening – 鮪 (中トロ、大トロ) TUNA (MEDIUM TUNA BELLY, TUNA  BELLY)
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Tosho Knife Arts Demonstration

Tosho Knife Arts will be doing a special knife sharpening demonstration from 5:30pm ~ 6:30pm. Definitely check out this rare and highly skilled art!

Washoku Matsuri 2015 MENU

* Some menu items may be subject to availability of freshest ingredients

Featured sponsors – domo arigato!

We greatly appreciate the generosity of our wonderful  sponsors. Thank you for your generosity.

Featured sponsors for washoku matsuri

10th Anniversary Washoku Matsuri Schedule

5:30pm  Doors and registration open

Sake Institute of Ontario booths and bar open

Tosho Knife Arts Sharpening Demonstration until (~1.0 hour)

6:00pm  Hors D’Oeuvres

6:40pm  Nagata Shachu Taiko performance

7:00pm  Welcoming remarks

7:10pm  Appetizers and Main Dishes

7:30pm  Sushi chef introductions

8:30pm  Dessert open, Raffle begins

9:00pm  Closing remarks, all chef introductions



Washoku Matsuri 2013 Video

Please watch a high quality short video from Washoku Matsuri 2013. It was filmed and produced by EatTO.

You will need to click here and then type in jrac2013.